Meet Santina- Natural Fit

What is the most popular pair of shoes? How come it’s popular?  

The most popular brands we stock are Ancopedico L19’s, Vionic and Revere. Everyone loves the feel of the Ancopedico range. They feel like a second skin on your feet and the dual arch support is the golden beacon that everyone looks for in a shoe. The Vionic and Revere range are also incredible because of the arch support as well as being orthodic friendly. You never have to compromise in order to fit in your shoes.  

How do you keep up with the constantly changing shoe fashion?  

Fashion is forever evolving but because we specialise in Orthopedic shoes, we listen to our customers' needs and look for features and benefits in all our shoes to suit our customers.  

What is your favourite brand? 

My favourite shoe type is the ECCO-Soft 7 as they have a funky and modern design but also feel like I’m walking on a cloud.  

What is the best part about your job? 

The best part about working here is finding the perfect fit for our customers, especially when they come in and say they have the most difficult feet, ultimately seeing them relived and happy is what we thrive on.  

Since the COVID19 Pandemic, how have you been changed personally forever? 

COVID-19 has really helped us reflect on the way we interact with our customers whilst maintaining a welcoming and family friendly customer experience and staying safe. 

Why do you feel Marrickville Metro is a place for the community? 

Marrickville Metro is oozing with diversity, it has a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere...something that is so special to us. 

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