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What is the most popular variety of flower you are selling right now? 

At the moment, it’s the sunflower because it is nice, bright and cheery but on the whole, bright and fresh flowers given during this time, make people feel especially good. 

Is your home filled with flowers? And what’s your favourite variety of flower or plant? 

Of course, it’s filled with flowers! Fresh flowers on a weekly basis from orientals to roses, whatever I can get my hands on.  

What is the most common reason people give flowers today?  

It’s usually for an occasion, so it could be a birthday, anniversary, gender reveal, funeral tributes but also just to treat someone special. 

What is the best part about your job? 

After 21 years being in retail, we still manage to see new faces every day. We still bring smiles to people's faces when they see a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers.  

In your team, does anyone have a skill or a past job that isn’t retail? 

Well I have been born and bred in flowers, my parents are flower growers and all I know is flowers. The staff who work with us are currently studying and working. One is doing Cybersecurity and one is going to be a scientist, so we have a very diverse team. I’m very proud that we have good brains and great flowers, the best of both worlds.  

Since the COVID19 Pandemic, how have you been changed forever? 

It helped me remember that I just need to keep things simple. I made sure we had great customer service with a good product at a good price.  

Why is Marrickville Metro a place for the community? 

Metro has all your essentials, it’s a one stop shopping Centre without being too big to do your grocery shopping, banking and motor vehicle services at one time. You have the convenience of parking, one level shopping and a lot of fresh food options. I love that I get to see our return customers and fresh faces all the time.  

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