Marrickville Metro Quick Six with Ben Panucci

When did everything start for you in music?
Ever since I can remember. That said, watching footage of Jimi Hendrix as a 12 year old was a game changer.
Tell us about the music you write and play…
I try to write personal music that has a universal message. Sonically I guess you could say it draws influence from rock, indie, psychedelic and jazz.
What do you love most about playing live?
The rare moments when you feel what seems like pure engagement with both the band and the audience.
Where are some of your favourite places to perform?
Anywhere with an audience who decide to listen.
Can you talk about a career highlight?
Touring Italy last year and playing on a gondola in Venice whilst getting taken around the canals. 

What are you looking forward to doing next as a musician?
Releasing new music later this year and also going to Europe for a tour in May.
 Ben Panucci can be found performing live at Marrickville Metro and you can follow him on Instagram at @bueno_benno