3 Tips to stay Motivated with Exercise

Are you struggling to find the motivation to exercise from home, particularly as we are heading into our third month of lockfown when all you want to do is climb back into bed?

We’ve put together three ways to help you look at exercise differently and achieve a healthier lifestyle without expensive machines.



Exercising doesn’t have to be boring or viewed as a ‘chore’. Neither does lifting heavy weights repetitively or hanging out with a bunch of sweaty people in a room have to be your idea of ‘fun’ exercise.  
We like to think of it as a good habit to look after your body, to help you feel healthier and more active. After all, you only have one body, right?

The most important part is getting started – it can be as simple as upping your steps to reach 10,000 on a daily basis, dancing to your favourite playlist, or kicking a ball around with the kids at a nearby park.

Some people will find a form of exercising which they enjoy and look forward to doing, others won’t. That’s okay, it’s not for everyone - don’t let that discourage you. If you’re still struggling to find the motivation, think of it this way, does anyone enjoy brushing their teeth? We don’t think so. But we do it anyway because it’s good for you.



According to research, 30 minutes of exercise is the ideal level of daily activity. How can we fill those 30 minutes? YouTube is your best friend. There are videos for everyone, at any stage of your fitness journey.
We’ve included some of our favourites below:


Good habits require some sacrifice and are formed daily. It requires self-discipline, commitment and determination to keep yourself in check. We’ve found the following tips have helped us stay consistent:
  • Focus on the benefits. Research has shown that people who exercise are healthier, sleep better, think more clearly and have more energy. Feeling stressed? We’ve always felt amazing after a workout ;)
  • Exercising on a Monday. This helps to establish a psychological pattern to kickstart the week
  • Getting it done first thing in the morning and crossing it off the to-do list. This way, we’ve also felt energised for the rest of the day
  • Avoid skipping exercise two days in a row, no matter how inconvenient it is. This helps us ensure exercise is an ongoing habit.
  • Prioritising fitness and dedicating time for yourself. No one else, besides you, is responsible for your health. If you don’t put yourself first, who will?