Georgia Hill

Smidmore St Artwork

You're Here, I'm Here too

Georgia Hill's artwork at Marrickville Metro artwork spans the full facade, revealing a larger message ‘You’re Here, I’m Here Too' with other subtle, abstracted typographic nods to the area and local streets in the artwork background. The use of bold lettering creates a contemporary work for this high-profile area, while also highlighting the past through heritage references. The phrasing creates connections of dialogue between the public, where individual context and backgrounds informs connections to both the artwork and site.

Georgia Hill is an Australian artist, specialising in contemporary, often site specific type based artworks that combine bold, monochromatic textures and lettering within experimental compositions. Over the past five years, Hill’s large scale works have explored how structures and our natural environments are vital in allowing experiences to exist and develop from one context to another.

This meeting of architecture, natural spaces and the notion of self and identity allows viewers to recall their own personal experiences, creating both dialogue and reflection. Hill has proved herself to be one of Australia’s leading street artists with a contemporary and conscious touch to her materials, surrounds and conceptual approaches. Her works have spanned smaller inner-city walls to 400ft abandoned buildings, painting across Canada, Zealand, Iceland, Spain, The United States, Japan and Indonesia, as well as working prolifically across Australia’s states. Hill’s constant pursuit of unique structures, essentials environments and words that connect and reflect communities is demonstrated further in her focus to deliver high impact works of art.
Georgia Hill