Exquisite Brows

We love that great feeling people get, when people see themselves in the mirror, after their first threading experience, Wow! I look amazing, I never knew my eyes could look so beautiful, defined, perfect and so on!!

What is Threading?

Eyebrow Threading is Indian and Middle Eastern technique that removes hair using a twisted piece of cotton thread.

Benefits of Threading Over Waxing

Threading is all natural and utilises an Antibacterial Threading Thread which is thrown away after each use, there are no harmful chemicals or artificial waxes involved. Threading is less painful than waxing. It only targets the individual hair, therefore it keeps irritation to a minimum and unlike waxing which removes the delicate top layers of the skin, threading only takes the hair out. ​Safe for those who have sensitive skin and have severe reactions to waxing. It is safe for those on Acne medication such as Retin-A, Acutane, etc. ​Eyebrows looks defined, as it takes out the smallest of the hairs out from its follicle. Can lasts up to four weeks and New hairs grow thinner. ​Last but not least Threading is Green? Unlike threading, waxing disposes of a lot of wax and wax paper in the trash. Threading just uses a cotton string - nothing more!

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