Meet Liz Shreeve


The Palisades depicts the history of the Marrickville area in colour; the thousands of years of pre-colonial indigenous habitation represented on one side and the 220 years of colonisation and change represented on the other. The indigenous side is painted with harmonious greys, greens and ochres to represent the kangaroos, managed grasslands, woodlands and swamps. The design has rhythm and repetition to reflect the dynamic homeostasis of aboriginal habitation. The other side, European history from 1800 to the multicultural present, is an arithmetic time line where colours hint at the main activities, industries or nationalities of the inhabitants. The final sequence of this side is a series of strong primary and secondary colours representing the flags of nations of all the people of the world who migrated to this area.

Liz Shreeve’s works are a myriad of light and shade based on 'visual observations of the natural and the man-made environment’.
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