Meet Elliott Routledge


Inspired by the linear nature of Liz Shreeve’s work, my concept takes these long lines and rearranges them into large abstract forms. These forms act as beacons and visual playgrounds, rather than stick to walls, my idea is to break the mould of the architecture with two vast circle shapes. These are placed on top of the environment to create a sense of place and a space that people feel like they can step into another world and be a part of. These circles are brimming with transformed lines, lines that have been extracted and contorted to express something new and interesting for the people walking amongst it. To achieve the effect of creating an environment people can interact with, the artwork must take over almost every surface it touches - the wall, some parts of the floor and extending onto parts of the ceiling.

Elliott Routledge is an Australian artist, known for his public art installations, paintings, and sculptures. His work is a balance between expressive mark making, abstract form and often word based art with the investigation of colour relationships and pattern choices.
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