Marrickville Metro Onboarding


Insert best marketing point of contact
Insert best point of contact for PR purposes, if different to the above contact


100 words and in 3rd person
Provide for Facebook, Instagram and TikTok if applicable


Spokesperson will be the person we put forward for interviews and/or for quotes to be included in the media materials. This can be the same person selected as point of contact or can be different.
Insert name of Head Chef, official title and a few key points on their work history, achievements, awards, training, cooking philosophy and key signature dishes.
Are there any special design elements of the fit-out or anything unique about your space at Marrickville Metro?
For example; would you be comfortable sending out food to key media houses for lunch in the lead-up to launch or be involved in other pre-promotional activity?


All assets you have to be sent to


Do you currently have any plans for the launch period within your venue?
Trading hours today
GENERAL 9:00 am - 5:30 pm