The Walking Who 

Psych rock trio, The Walking Who, have been garnering attention from radio and industry-types internationally since 2010, but they’re originally Wollongong grown. Their gritty, 90s-esque sound is presented in layered compositions, described by the band as ‘Flaming Lips meets sort of analogue sort of old Floyd records’.  Their debut album Candy Flu was released in 2010 and Mansions followed in 2013. 

Richard In Your Mind 

The sound of Richard In Your Mind is almost impossible to capture with words. Described variously as ‘experimental’, ‘psychedelic’ and ‘spasm inducing’, this indie-pop band doesn’t like to stick to just one sound. Their broad musical influences are reflected in the band’s choice of instruments which spans guitar, drums, strings, percussion, spoken words and breakbeats. Their live performances are widely adored and feature an eclectic use of props and over-the-top decoration. 

True Vibenation 

True Vibenation draws on their African heritage to deliver a seamless fusion of soul and afrobeat set to the background of big bass, big beats and live horns. As true Inner West locals, in 2018 the band lived in a western-Sydney art gallery for two weeks while writing and scoring a short film and EP featuring what they describe as their ‘Afro Bounce’ sound. The band toured Australia, Africa and Europe in 2018 and more international touring is in the works for 2019. 


Ribongia delivers its unique electronic music via Italian-born, Sydney-based DJ/producer Antonio Rosselli Del Turco who has been studying music legends since the age of 14. Focused on electronica and dance, Ribongia’s most recent album, MAAT, pushes boundaries with the inclusion of natural sounds into its electronic beat progressions and grooves.  


Described as ‘erotic groove’ and ‘obscene electro’, it makes perfect sense that SPOD’s fourth studio album is called Adult Fantasy. Based on sensual synth-pop beat, Sydney’s SPOD is unabashed and unfiltered, the real reasons behind his musical longevity and cult following. In fact, SPOD’s array of curiously offbeat musical whims proves he’s one of Australia’s most creative and versatile musical minds. 

The Delta Riggs 

For sheer performance power and energy, The Delta Riggs can’t be beat. This Inner West native is described as ‘fireworks’ on stage, with a manic and frenzied style that crowds adore. DM’s music encompasses pacy, sexy grooves, some funk, deep voiced vocals and seventies-era atmospherics. With four albums under their belts you have your choice of rock’n’roll sounds. 

Billy McCarthy 

Billy McCarthy is one of Syndey’s best, most in demand contemporary singers. An alumnus of the Newtown School of Performing Arts, Billy is a singer, songwriter and comedienne who traverses musical genres with flair and grace. Billy punches out original cabaret-style music, complete with laugh inducing lyrics and a fair amount of narrative storytelling. Her live show is simply not to be missed. 

Royal Headache  

Garage-punk band, Royal Headache gained an adoring cult following with their catchy, loud and frantic 2012 album. The lead singer is front and centre with a vast range, superb force and plenty of soul. This mix earned Royal Headache a beer-slinging, shout-along devotion that kept fans loyal through their subsequent album and international gigs. The Washington Post even called them, ‘the greatest band in the world’ – a bit tongue in cheek, but not bad for a band from the Inner West.