Development Updates

The Marrickville Metro expansion will add a total of approximately 16,000 square metres in two stages. The existing centre is approximately 23,000 square metres.

Stage 1A works at the Victoria Road entry garden were completed in early 2017 and include:
  • Landscaping
  • Facade works
  • Family play space
  • Community garden
  • Outdoor seating

Stage 1B will be built on the opposite side of Smidmore Street, where there is currently an industrial building. This stage will comprise:
  • A new, two level retail building of approximately 10,000 square metres
  • An additional supermarket, mini major, food market and additional specialty retail stores
  • Two new levels of car parking above the retail building
  • An additional loading dock, away from residential areas
  • Improved public transport for public buses, community buses and taxis.
  • The updated Operational Managment Plan can be accessed by clicking here.

Stage 2 will be built above the existing centre and will be approximately 6,000 square metres. This stage will:
  • Be set well back from residential areas along Victoria Road, Murray Street and Bourne Street and has been designed to minimise overshadowing and protect residents’ privacy
  • Provision for an additional discount department store, additional specialty retail and car parking above the retail building