19 NOV 2019 - 11 DEC 2019
Centre Management, 34 Victoria Road Marrickville

An exciting opportunity awaits various local street artists to create iconic art that will resonate with the entire Inner West community . Three grants totalling $128,000 are on offer through an exclusive EOI programme. 

A highly visible feature and entry point to the new Marrickville Metro building, overlooking a shared pubic domain, it isintended that this public art treatment reference the factories and industries that operated at the site and Marrickville area in the early 20th Century.

Through a street art and typography treatment, the artwork may consider including the word “Smidmore”, “Marrickville Metro” or other local references, and may draw inspiration from the vintage style of signage and advertising of former industries at the site. For examples Shelly’s, Vicars Wool, etc. The artwork may also consider a range of typographical elements, colours and other materials. More contemporary design elements may complement the heritage inspired treatments to embrace the contemporary context of the site and todays communities.

For more information including an open night session with the team on-site can be found here 

MURRAY STREET, art opportunity

Over two sites (5 & 6) along the Murray Street Fa├žade we are seeking a work/s to reflect the characters and personalities of the site and surrounds. Drawing upon notable personalities or incidences to mark the building with a bold and meaningful connection to the stories and communities of the Marrickville area.
It is envisaged that in developing the work, the artist would engage with the history, local stories and stakeholders to create an artwork that celebrates past and/or contemporary community of the area.
In seeking to retain the look and feel of the unique brick facades of the site, it’s envisaged the artwork should not cover the entire area allocated - it should reveal the brickwork where possible, and as part of the scheme.

For more information including an open night session with the team on-site can be found here

EDINBURGH ROAD, art opportunity

It is intended that the selected artwork will reinforce the precinct and surrounds as being at the heart of Marrickville - a diverse, vibrant, innovative and forward thinking community. The commissioned artwork for sites 3 and 4, will be highly visible alongside the work already commissioned for site 2 (car park ramp palisades) by local artist, Liz Shreeve. Liz’s work reflects the linear history and associated stories of the Marrickville area through a detailed colour palette. In addition to enhancing the space and broader public domain, the work
commissioned for sites 3 and 4 should respond to and complement the artwork by Liz Shreeve.

For more information including an open night session with the team on-site can be found here