Meet Phibs & Skulk


Phibs uses a complex wildstyle graffiti that incorporates interwoven and overlapping lettering and characters. His compositions usually feature animals such as fish and birds in a vibrant mix of complementary colours. He explores an interest in shapes by fragmenting and breaking up these subjects. Phib's artwork is heavily inspired by nature; flora and fauna are common themes. He employs abstraction, and symbolism using bold stylised line work and symmetry which are recognisable traits. Phibs credits influential Sydney writers, Dmote and Prins for being mentors.

Phibs has been commissioned to large scale artworks and has been commissioned to create anumber of murals throughout the city of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. He has also travelled to countries outside of Australia where his work can also be seen on walls in Amsterdam, Brooklyn, Miami and New York. The National Gallery of Australia has acquired several of Phibs works due to his distinctive style as part of their permanent collection.
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