Meet Richard Briggs


I approached this brief by designing and constructing a push cart with a local map to enage the Marrickville community by taking it to the streets and allow people to share their stories on place, landscape and community; over 400 locals share their favourite spots or streets in the area – over 40 in total. I visited these places and drew numerous sketches lines and motifs collected from the built form; roof lines, housing forms, shop fronts that define the built character of the neighbourhood. These sketches form the basis for the artwork on the roller doors and the entry ramp. The lines are then put together to create a dynamic and abstract composition, one that respond to viewers being far away or close up. A tonal colour palette has been selected in collaboration with Sonia Van Der Har from Lymesmith, to reflect the past landscape, the bark of lemon scented trees and Eucalypt trees.

Richard Briggs is an English born architect, artist and builder currently based in Sydney. All three disciplines from time to time infuse each other to form creative, practical and robust solutions to offer a different way at looking at our built environment.
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