Meet Amy Kim


Amy's understanding of Marrickville is a harmonious diversity, embracing a coexistence of old and new, industrial and residential, trendy and traditional within its own unique history. My approach was to celebrate its multicultural and creative local vibes by creating a piece that makes people feel exceptional yet eclectic. The art work is an extension of my recent abstract series ‘La La Land’ which was landscape series with vibrant colours, bold shapes and organic lines from the surrounding nature. Inspired by the Korean Folk Art Min-hwa emulates contemporary trends in fine art for the purpose of everyday use or decoration. Min-hwa literally means "painting of the people" or "popular painting". It has playful and magical dimensions with a bit of humour and humanity wishing to protect one’s family from evil force. The aim is to project this positive and hopeful concept into the artwork by embracing vivid colours, familiar yet playful forms and textures and repetitive patterns throughout. 'I wish visitors to celebrate the dynamic yet harmonious community of Marrickville by experiencing the enlivening and inviting atmosphere'. Amy Kim is an abstract artist residing in Melbourne.


Each “Eat Pod” unit consists of a recycled timber table, which crosses over a matching timber seat bench. Rugged, industrial style leg frames support the substantial, polished timberwork sections. The timber used for this furniture was recycled from locally sourced suburban trees of Lemon Scented Gum, Eucalyptus citriodora. This timber species is valued for its strong, hardwearing properties and attractive natural colour and grain patterns. As with other Eucalypts, the trees also provide for natural habitat and yield excellent honey.
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