Community & Garden Works

02 Aug 2016
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Community Garden outside Centre Management
Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre is growing its community space around the historic Mill House, with works due to be completed at the Victoria Road entrance in early 2017.

Marrickville Metro has worked with the local community in consultation with Council on the new community space. We have also spoken to Mr John Vicars and a local historian to ensure the proud industrial migrant past has been tied in, while creating a space that is authentically Inner West and can be enjoyed by the community for years to come. 

The new design of the community space has been moulded around the history of the site and its rich industrial past. Marrickville Metro was originally a farm, then a tannery from the early 1800s. In 1843 the Mill House was constructed. Later the Vicars family purchased the site in 1894 to build what was known as the Vicars Woollen Mill, which supplied textiles during the war and up until the 1970s. The Vicar’s Woollen textile patterns have been used in the design to weave each of the elements together, which can be seen from an aerial view.

During these works Marrickville Metro will remain open and local residents who use this entry will be directed with signage to the centre entry.

The new community space will encompass seating for customers and retail staff, along with a community garden and a space for families to play and relax in the sun.

To view some artist impressions of how the Victoria Road Prescient might look once fully open in early 2017, please click here.
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