Sustainability at Astakos

To ensure we have fish forever, we need both farmed seafood that is responsibly caught and wild seafood from a sustainable fishery. Certified seafood can help feed a growing world population, maintain livelihoods and communities while minimising environmental and social impacts.

Wild caught and farmed seafood are both important foods and sources of nutrients, but wild caught seafood stocks are finite. More than 30 per cent of wild fisheries are reported as over fished. Even with sustainable practises, the potential for expansion of wild catch is limited. Responsible aquaculture must fill the gap.

Farmed shellfish like oysters, mussels and scallops are some of our most sustainable food options. Why? Compared to other forms of aquaculture, they require no additional feeding as they tend to draw their nutrients directly from the ocean currents in which they are grown. In this way, they create an incredibly direct link from sunshine to highly nutritious protein via plants. This of course means that shellfish don’t place any further burden on the environment.

See Michael and the team from Astakos in-store for the fresh catch of the day and any questions you have! They are here to educate our local community.