Sashimi Platters Like No Other

Izakaya Tori has been enjoying some great reviews about their beautifully presented Sashimi platters.

Whilst their main item being their yakitori – ‘skewers’ which are traditionally cooked over charcoal has been a big hit, their range of sushi and sashimi, prepared on platters are like a work art worthy of the most followed foodie influencer.

Normally an Izakaya sells everything but they’ve curated their menu so they can do a few things really well and designed around the theatre of the kitchen - open kitchen, most of the prep and cooking will be done in front of customers where their fit-out features a suspended 10m long communal table. 

With a strong focus on customer experience and hospitality the team are passionate about providing their guests with a rich and authentic Japanese Yakitori experience with a friendly and inviting service.
Izakaya Tori may be going local, but they are dedicated in maintaining their high-quality international standards to create a new experience that is bursting with flavour and excitement.