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How do you stay up to date with the latest hair trends and styles across many cultures? 

What I tend to do is research salons and hairdressers globally because they pioneer new trends these days. We also have our suppliers like Oliplex, Kerastase and Loreal Paris having their hair technicians travel abroad, sharing videos of new styles and physically coming into our salon to show us the newest craze and keeping our staff up to date.  

What do you like best about running a hair salon in Marrickville?  

The people in Marrickville Metro are simply amazing. Having worked in salons elsewhere, I've noticed that Marrickville have the most humble and loyal people. I love that they are supporting my business.  

What is the most unusual or funny request you have had from a customer? 

Can you believe that our Marrickvillians are keeping the perm alive? We still have staff still doing perms and nanna sets every week! 

What is the best part about your job? 

The best part of my job is empowering people to feel good about themselves by giving them that WOW factor. Seeing them almost in tears from happiness is really fulfilling for me. 

Since the COVID19 Pandemic, how have you been changed forever? 

I feel as though my business changed in a positive way, showcasing how resilient my business can be. I have been able to attract clients from all over Sydney who weren’t able to access their regular hairdresser. I’m glad I pushed to stay open.  

Why is Marrickville Metro a place for the community? 

Marrickville Metro has it all, from fresh food, great services, doctors, chemists and hairdressers... everything you need really.

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