What are customers more likely to come to you for recently?  

The majority of customers come to us for lodgments and parcel pickups from overseas.  

What made you want to own an Australia Post branch? 

We loved the security of being a part of the Australia Post family. We also love the flexibility of having trading hours and being able to go home at 6pm every day! 

What is the most unusual or funny request you have had from a customer? 

The most unusual (not to mention saddest) request we had was delivering human ashes to a family 

What is the best part about your job? 

We love the flexibility of being at a post office and seeing our customers friendly faces day to day. Getting to work and having the whole day to look forward to is my favourite feeling. Every day is different. 

In your team, does anyone have a skill or a past job that isn’t retail? 

Everyone in our team has some sort of unique talent but one of our members studied motor mechanics. 

Since the COVID19 Pandemic, how have you been changed forever? 

We have noticed how much customers want to connect which is nice. 

Why is Marrickville Metro a place for the community? 

Marrickville metro is a hub for everyone, you can find all your essential services and great retail all under one roof.  

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