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MEET ANDREW- Sergio's Cake Shop

What is the most popular coffee order and dish on the menu right now? 

The most popular coffee and dish would have to be a small cappuccino and Jing Special which is our freshly roasted chicken salad toasted sandwich. If we had to put it down to dessert, we would say our famous vanilla slices.  

How do you like your coffee and what is your favorite menu item?  

My personal favourite is the piccolo and the Jing special. When I want to treat myself, I have a fresh cream éclair.  

What is the most unusual or funny request you have had from a customer? 

Well we had a couple come in and order a beautiful 6 tier wedding cake, only to come back a few months later requesting it be changed to a ‘not getting married’ cake.  

What is the best part about your job?  

The best part of my job would be getting to know our repeat customers and their families. I also love taking orders for specialty cakes and seeing our customers faces light up when they see what’s been created. 

In your team, does anyone have a skill or a past job that isn’t retail? 

Yes, we have a nurse, food nutritionist and someone who works in warehouse wholesaling. 

Since the COVID19 Pandemic, how have you been changed forever? 

I’d say that being a family business, we have become tighter knit.  We are an essential part of customers’ daily lives, so we wanted to create a safe haven for them to catch up with ourselves and their friends whilst enjoying a delicious meal.  We achieved this by maintaining a high standard of hygiene in all our processes and complying with social distancing directives. COVID-19 has made us a stronger and resilient local business and we are proud to have an inclusive and comfortable space for anyone and everyone.  

Why is Marrickville Metro a place for the community? 

Being a part of a smaller Shopping Centre for the past 10 years means we have a lot of loyal customers. We give people a reason to leave the house to either catch up with their friends, retailers or just to take a break and sit down for a coffee. Marrickville Metro is a place for community because you get to know everyone on a deeper and personal level.  

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