Marrickville Metro Quick Six with Libi Stankova

If you’re unfamiliar, Live Life Get Active provide free, face-to-face personal fitness coaching aimed at addressing health, fitness and happiness issues that we can face in our daily lives. At the same time, the initiative also tackles social disconnection by bringing people together to get up, get moving and have fun in a local park, club or business area.

Fortunately for Marrickville, LLGA hold sessions in Enmore Park each weekday at 9:30am during the school term, with all equipment provided, plus professionally tailored nutritional programs if you’re so inclined, too!
For more info, click here, and continue reading below for a little about the combination of women and fitness, both actively and professionally.

The 2019 theme for International Women’s Day is Balance for Better. When reading that, what does that mean to you?
Balance is very important and it’s impossible to keep balance all the time. If you find the balance between work, private life, hobbies, family, friends and other parts of your life then you are a winner!
I see balance like this; it is important to satisfy a number of needs – physiological needs, the need for safety, the need for love, the need for respect and the need for self-realization – hierarchically, in that order.
Balance for better also has to include harmony of healthiness. Healthy harmony can be achieved by aligning three key factors - sleep, sport and diet. When these three factors can be matched together, your body will rid all the banal illnesses and you will have a much better life. At least that's my experience. It is also worth mentioning the fact that the effort to achieve harmony in health will also significantly affect our working and personal lives. That’s how I see the circle of "Balance for Better”.
What sparked your interest and desire to pursue a career in the fitness industry?
I have been in love with sports since my childhood and my most favourite game as a child was to play ‘teacher’. I started teaching children gymnastics, then I saw a lecture on aerobics and I knew I wanted to study sports and biology. After graduating from university, I worked as a teacher at a sports gymnasium, with all my life revolving around sport. Growing older and experiencing injuries, I started to focus more on personal training and rehabilitation.
What’s been your most rewarding moment in your career so far?
There is more than one! I’ll pick one client who came to me with pretty bad health and body condition. After one year of exercising with me – I have to note that included consultation with a chiropractor and nutritionist as well – they were a totally different person. Not just from the outside!! He had said that I changed his life with tears in eyes. He found new lifestyle, new friends and doctors couldn’t believe to results.
How long have you been running the LLGA sessions in Marrickville?
I started in September 2018.

Do you predominantly train a certain demographic of people or is it a mix?
I don’t have a certain demographic at all. My clients are mixed – from 17 to 83 years old! In my group session you can find people aged from 17 to 65 years old, both male and female.
From your experience, do you find that women are stronger or more focussed when working out together?
Groups of people are always stronger than individuals. The best is when you have groups of people among whom energy flows…groups who keep together and people who care about each other. I have to note when you have women training together; there is always lots of talking!

Thanks Libi! We love what you do for us and the community!