How Our Brand/ Typography Was Created

Marrickville-based design agency, Boxer & Co. was commissioned to create an identity for the new extension to Marrickville Metro shopping centre that opened recently in June 2021. A new wordmark for Metro had already been created, so the new visual identity had to work in solidarity with that.

The neighbourhood of Marrickville is vibrant and diverse. There’s a strong respect for the past and history, a buzzing eclectic and creative vibe and a strong love of local and community. It was important that the new identity encompassed all these things.


The final solution centres around an angular grid, the shape of which was derived from the ‘M’ in ‘Metro’. A suite of assets were then created to form a patchwork, inspired by the diverse cultures and lifestyles of the area.
Food and beverage photography has a perfectly imperfect vibe, in line with the nature of the authentic food offering.  A range of illustrations were carved out by a local artist, capturing objects like food, pets and chess pieces. An entire alphabet was carved from rubber stamps, then scanned in to create a unique and ownable font, ‘Marrickville Made’.


Imagery of textures, patterns, shapes and imagery supplied by the stores themselves can then be seamlessly included in the grid. A black pipeline, derived from the letterforms of the logo overlaps photography, patterns and textures, connecting the grid and providing direction and continuity.

A range of quirky iconography was created for to use as pictograms for signage to add a little fun to the mundane.

A whole tone of voice was created, with a friendly local, straight-talking, cheeky feel to it. Humour is injected wherever possible without making the copy feel fake or forced.
Overall, a unique and recognisable brand for this cool little corner of Sydney’s Inner West.