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Aussie kids with sensitive skin enjoy bubble baths

Childhood memories of sharing a bubble bath with siblings is something many people cherish.
But for the 3 in 10 Australian children that suffer from sensitive and eczema prone skin, the simple joy of sharing fun in the tub can end in tears due to painful, dried out and itchy skin. This forces parents and caregivers to spend time monitoring every ingredient in a product before trusting it enough to try on their little ones.
Thanks to a new product from UK brand Childs Farm, now available online and at 48 Healthy Life stores across Australia, kids across the country are being given the chance to join in on the bath time banter.
Creator and CEO of Childs Farm, Joanna Jensen, says: “Many soaps that are fine for normal skin can cause irritation and flare ups on those with skin sensitivity which ultimately leaves many sufferers limited in what they can use.
“For any parent or caregiver, our children’s well-being and happiness is our top priority. It’s heartbreaking to see them in pain or missing out on things that other kids are able to do so easily. This is something I’ve experienced with my own two daughters and is actually why I created Childs Farm.
“The last thing you want to do is add to their discomfort so being able to put trust into a product you’re using on your child’s skin is worth its weight in gold.
“Before launching in Australia we decided to do a trial with a special group of over 200 families the results of which have not only been heartwarming but demonstrate the need for specialised products like this.
“We’ve received dozens of testimonials from Aussie parents and caregivers sharing stories and pics of their children being able to enjoy bubbles for the first time. It’s such a joy to see them be able to enjoy a part of childhood that many of us take for granted.”
Adelaide mum-of-two Ash Kane is one of those lucky enough to have experienced this first hand thanks to Childs Farm.
Ash previously used Childs Farm products in the UK when her family returned there for a year and was delighted when the brand’s organic tangerine bubble bath and moisturiser were coming to Australia which allowed her daughter to have her first ever reaction free bubble bath.

Ash said, “Niamh's skin has been super sensitive since she was born, she's now 4. I always felt so sad that she couldn’t enjoy playing in the bath without risking a reaction on her skin, any product we have previously tried has given her a rash.
“My cousin told me about the Childs Farm products launching in Australia, she uses the bubble bath for my nephews Aidan (6) and Struan (2). She recommended I try the bubble bath and moisturiser, as Niamh had never had a bubble bath without a rash. I read the other amazing reviews online and decided to try them.
“The first time she had a bubble bath she was so excited, it was amazing to see. She had given up on baths because of her previous experiences, so hadn't had a bubble bath in years, as she was worried she would have an itchy rash. The products were super gentle and even helped moisturise her skin instead of drying it out – and she absolutely loves jumping in a bath and soon she’ll be able to be joined by her new little sister, Bria.”
Dermatologist and pediatrician approved as suitable for sensitive skin and safe for those who may be prone to eczema, Childs Farm products contain only naturally derived ingredients and essential oils that are not only safe for newborns upwards but also smell amazing.
Childs Farm’s organic tangerine bubble bath is just one of 9 new fragranced products available at Healthy Life. The full range available online at and in Healthy Life stores includes:
  • Childs Farm Shampoo Strawberry Mint 250ml
  • Childs Farm Conditioner Strawberry Mint 250ml
  • Childs Farm Hair body Wash Orange 250ml
  • Childs Farm Hair body Wash Apple 250ml
  • Childs Farm Bubble Bath Tangerine 250ml
  • Childs Farm Bubble Bath Raspberry 250ml
  • Childs Farm 3 in 1 Swim 250ml
  • Childs Farm Moisturiser Grapefruit 250ml
  • Childs Farm Hair Detangler 150ml
200 Australian families have already trialled the range of Childs Farm products and over 97% of people said that they would recommend them to their friends and families after seeing great results. 93% also reported an improvement or similar results in their skin after just two weeks.
Childs Farm is now available to Australian consumers at Healthy Life stores and online. For more information, to find a store or shop online, visit