A standout in the wave of new eateries that have swung the doors open at Marrickville Metro is China Fusion, a concept established over 20 years ago in mainland China that has arrived in Marrickville. 
Behind China Fusion are owner Christine Chen and Master Head Chef, Mr Meng, who specialises in Shanghainese fine dining. Together, they are on a mission to change our ingrained assumptions about what is Chinese food by showcasing traditional, regional specialties and sharing its history. To do this, they are bringing together highlights from the diverse, hyper-regional cuisines of China. 

“Many of our dishes are very well known across China in restaurants and home cooking, but you will rarely see them here. That way, we hope diners will explore new flavours without feeling overwhelmed.” In addition to its incredible seafood and meat dishes, China Fusion also has a wide array of traditional gluten-free and vegan offerings that are commonly believed to be notoriously difficult to pull off in Chinese cuisine. 
“Chinese cuisine is rich and diverse. In China, there are eight distinctive cuisines varying in style and taste. Each has evolved from very specific culinary traditions over thousands of years based on the environment and ethnic background of their respective regions,” says Christine. “These distinct flavours and styles are recognised throughout Chinese society and found globally. However, outside of China, they are often grouped together as simply ‘Chinese Food’ with little understanding of the history behind it. That’s why we want to help educate diners and showcase the unique flavours and their differences”. 
Christine and her head chefs have delved into the diverse cuisine of China to showcase traditional dishes that are naturally vegan or gluten-free such as Griddle Potato Slices, a home-cooking staple, and Fried Rice with Olive Vegetables. Though they have been open for only a year, China Fusion has proven to be a low-key hit and Inner West favourite, with customers discovering dishes they would not have tried in other settings. With their swanky interior that evokes a traditional Chinese tea house but with a modern twist, diners will be transported to less travelled provinces of China.