7 Showstopping Festive Desserts

When we think about Christmas food, we tend to envision savoury dishes like glistening pork or crispy roast potatoes. But, let’s not forget about the unsung hero of the festive season — dessert! 
From creamy trifle to decadent pudding, no Christmas feast would be complete without a sweet treat to finish it off.  Whether you’re preparing for festivities at your house or are looking for a thoughtful, edible gift, here are 7 Christmas dessert recipes that are sure to impress. 

Summer fruit tiramisu


Tiramisu is always a winner in times of celebration but it can be too heavy for the warmer months. This lighter version is a great way to make the most of some of the beautiful fruit that’s in season this summer. 
To whip it up, soak sponge fingers in fruit juice or syrup instead of the usual coffee. Layer with a mixture of whipped cream, iced sugar and mascarpone cheese and add your seasonal fruits of choice. Refrigerate for two to four hours — or better yet, make it ahead so all you need to do is serve on Christmas day!

Maltesers cake 

This dessert looks just like a Christmas pudding, but don’t let that fool you. It’s actually a delicious, Maltesers-covered cake that kids and adults alike will go crazy for! 
To make it, bake two separate chocolate cakes using eggs, melting chocolate, vanilla and butter. Then sandwich them together into a dome-shape, using ganache to seal them together. Place it in the fridge to set for an hour, then warm up the remaining ganache and pour it all over the cake. Arrange Maltesers all around the cake, adding extra festive touches like custard and mistletoe if you choose. 

Christmas trifle

Part custard, part cake and 100% delicious, trifle is always a fan favourite at Christmas. This one combines sweet and tart flavours to create a delicious dessert dish that will look beautiful on your table, too!
You can cheat a little with this one, picking up a Madeira cake at your local grocery store or baker. Cut it into cubes, then arrange in a tray and sprinkle fruit liquor, juice or jelly liquid on it. Put in the fridge to partially set. 
In the meantime, prepare cranberry jelly and place in the fridge to thicken slightly — it should be sloppy, not hard. Spread the jelly amongst the cake, also layering strawberry and raspberries. Refrigerate for at least three hours, then spoon custard (homemade or packaged) throughout when ready to serve.

White Christmas Crackles

Bring a touch of White Christmas to your summertime celebrations with these mouth-watering treats. They’re made from simple ingredients, but deliver a serious dose of flavour (and crackle!) The best part is, they take just 10 minutes to prepare!
To make them, melt white chocolate and cream in a glass bowl over a saucepan. Add dried ingredients like rice bubbles (the hero ingredient of this dessert!) desiccated coconut and dried apricot, mix well and spoon into paper cases. Refrigerate until set and serve when you’re ready.

Fruit mince pies


Mince pies are a Christmas classic, but chances are you don’t need yet another savoury dish on the table. Featuring spiced fruit encased in buttery pastry, the sweet version is sure to delight the whole family. 
Combine dried fruits like sultanas and apple with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar to make the fruit mince. Spoon into mini pie shells (or make your own from scratch with pastry, if you have the time!) To give your mince pies the extra ‘wow’ factor, you can create ‘lids’ by cutting out stars in pastry. Dust with a generous amount of icing sugar to serve.

Plum pudding cake pops

Christmas isn’t Christmas without plum pudding, but this dessert dish can quickly get messy. Avoid the family fighting over their slices with these individual cake pops. Served on sticks and dipped in chocolate sauce, they’re equal parts decadent and delightful.
You can use store-bought plum cake as a shortcut here, crumbling it into a bowl with chocolate icing and melted chocolate. Roll the mixture into 10 to 15 balls, depending on how many you need. Insert a lollipop stick into the middle of each cake pop. Refrigerate for an hour or until set, then dip each cake pop into melted chocolate. Chill in the fridge again, then add icing sugar and sprigs of holly (ideally edible ones!) for decoration. 

Gingerbread eggnog

Gingerbread and eggnog are both festive classics — and when you combine them, the results are nothing short of magical. This non-alcoholic version is the perfect family-friendly dessert to serve up on Christmas Day.
To prepare eggnog, separate egg yolk from whites and whisk the yolks until creamy and smooth. Then, heat milk on a stovetop and mix with heavy cream. Add in the spices, cinnamon vanilla and molasses, as this is what gives it that festive ‘gingerbread’ flavour. Slowly spoon the milk mixture into the egg, whisking as you go. Bring the mix to a simmer, then refrigerate for at least four hours. The result is a spiced delight the whole family can enjoy!

Christmas is all about spreading joy, and nothing puts a smile on people’s faces quite like dessert! By whipping up one of these 7 showstopping desserts, you’re sure to spread the Christmas cheer this year.

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